Sign up: 8-Pack with Lift Ticket - 2017-2018 Season (November 17, 2017 - April 8, 2018)

Registrations MUST be processed by Adults/Parents! 4-17 year olds CANNOT PROCESS registrations.

This trip is open to 14 yrs to Adult.

- GOOD FOR 8 ONE-DAY TRIPS ANY day of the week from the First Bus Trip through 4/8/18! 
- GOOD FOR ONE PERSON ONLY - CANNOT be shared with another person.
- NO Credits for any non-use.  "Use it or lose it".

- Reserved Seat at the front of the bus!

- Some pick up locations may not be available on certain trips.

NO REFUNDS after Nov 17, 2017

Trip Information

Package Choices:
  • Bus and Lift Ticket (See Age/Price Chart to the Right)
Bus and Ticket
Age Current Price
Child (4-12) N/A
Teen (13-18) $1,075.00
Adult (18+) $1,125.00
Senior (65-69) $1,075.00
Senior (70+) $945.00

Pick-Up Locations

NOTE: Some locations may not be available due to low numbers. You will be notified if there are any changes.

Customer Testimonial:

I like the Ski Bus primarily because I don't have to drive and bus is on time. I am able to sleep on way up and watch videos on the way back. Oh, and the price is reasonable.

-- Elaine, Pleasanton