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Customer Testimonial:

Hi Brian, I wanted to thank you for your email and proactive decisions about the ,unfortunate series of incidents that plagued our trip on Saturday. You made the right call to re-route to Sugar Bowl -- and to reroute both buses! We were very happy to find our friends in the other bus being re-routed to the same place. I have to say we're not going to forget that bus ride in a while. But eh, we all got home in one piece, and we got to enjoy the snow for a few hours at least. Thanks as well for offering a full refund. I'll be looking for those on my statement in the coming days/weeks. Rest assured that you haven't lost a customer. I've been on the BASB multiple times in the past and always had pleasant (and on time) experiences. I will most certainly continue to use the ski bus to go up to Tahoe in the future, even if I find the prices have gone up a bit. But we finally have a decent season this year, so that's not going to stop me :-)

-- Max,